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The Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, rose to fame as child actors on the hit television show 'Full House.' They played the role of Michelle Tanner, the youngest member of the Tanner family, from 1987 to 1995. After 'Full House' ended, the twins continued to act in various television shows and films, but eventually decided to focus on their fashion careers.The Olsen twins launched their first clothing line, 'Dualstar,' in 1993. The line was aimed at young girls and featured clothing, accessories, and a variety of other products. Over the years, the twins have expanded their fashion empire to include several lines and brands, including 'The Row,' 'Elizabeth and James,' and 'Olsenboye.'Their fashion lines are known for their high-end, luxury style and have become a favorite among celebrities and fashion influencers. The Olsens have received numerous accolades for their work in fashion, including the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Womenswear Designer of the Year award in 2012.In addition to their fashion work, the Olsen twins have also dabbled in other business ventures, including home goods and beauty products. They have also been active in philanthropy, supporting various charities and causes, including the Starlight Children's Foundation and the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.Nowadays, the Olsen twins are considered to be some of the most successful and influential figures in the fashion industry. They have built a reputation for their unique and sophisticated style, and their fashion lines are highly sought after by fashion enthusiasts around the world. They are also known for their reclusiveness and privacy, which has only added to their mysterious appeal.Despite the fact that they are no longer acting, the Olsen twins have managed to maintain a strong presence in the entertainment industry by carving out a successful career in fashion. They continue to innovate and push the boundaries of fashion design, and their influence can be seen in the styles and trends of today. They are truly an inspiration for those who wish to follow their passion and achieve success in their chosen field.karin81@mail.ru