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Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln 'Link' Neal, better known as Rhett and Link, are a comedy duo from Buies Creek, North Carolina. The two have been friends since the first grade and began making videos together in high school. They gained fame through their YouTube channel 'Good Mythical Morning,' which features a variety of comedic skits and segments, including 'Will It?' where they test the limits of various foods, and 'Ear Biscuits,' a podcast-style show where they discuss various topics and share personal stories.Rhett and Link's comedic style is often described as absurd and off-beat, with a mix of dry humor and slapstick. They have a loyal fan base, known as 'Mythical Beasts,' who tune in to their daily show and eagerly anticipate their latest videos.In addition to 'Good Mythical Morning,' Rhett and Link have also created several successful online series, including 'Rhett & Link's Buddy System,' 'Mythical Chef,' and 'This Is Mythical.' They have also written and starred in a feature film, 'Looking for Ms. Locklear.'The duo has also been recognized for their work outside of YouTube. They have been featured in various publications, including Rolling Stone and Forbes, and have been invited to speak at various events and conferences. They have also been honored with several awards, including a Streamy Award for Best Unscripted Series and a Shorty Award for Best YouTube Ensemble.Rhett and Link have been able to build a successful career based on their unique brand of comedy and their ability to connect with their audience. They continue to produce new content and engage with their fans through social media and live events. Their success serves as a testament to the power of the internet and the potential for creators to build a following and a career through online platforms.Despite the fact that their comedic style might not appeal to everyone, their ability to connect with their audience and their consistency in producing content has made them well-known figures in the YouTube community, and a true inspiration for many aspiring content creators.karin81@mail.ru