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Melania Trump is the former First Lady of the United States, having served as the wife of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. Barron Trump is her son with Donald Trump. It is not publicly disclosed where they are currently residing, but as of 2021, it is known that they moved out of the White House on January 20, 2021, the day of the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden.After leaving the White House, they moved to their private residence in Palm Beach, Florida, Mar-a-Lago, which they have been using as their primary residence. Mar-a-Lago is a private club and luxury hotel that Donald Trump purchased in 1985. The family has been spotted enjoying their time there, taking walks on the beach and enjoying the Florida sunshine.Melania Trump has been keeping a low profile since leaving the White House, but she has been seen in public on a few occasions. She has been spotted out shopping and dining with her friends and family. She has also been seen attending church with her son Barron.As for Barron Trump, he has been spotted playing golf with his father and spending time with his friends. He is currently a student, but it is not known where he attends school. He is known to be a fan of the New York Giants and the Washington Wizards, and he has been seen attending games with his father.Melania Trump has also launched her own initiative, the “Be Best” campaign, which focuses on issues related to children’s well-being, such as online safety and the impact of opioid abuse on families. She also visited schools and hospitals, meeting with children and healthcare professionals to promote the initiative.It is not clear what the future holds for the Trump family, but it is known that they are currently enjoying their time in Florida, spending time together and enjoying the warm weather. While they are no longer in the White House, they continue to be a significant part of the national conversation, and many people are curious about their whereabouts and future plans.It's important to note that they are private citizens now and they have a right to privacy, so it is not appropriate to speculate or disclose their location without their consent. The information provided above is based on public reports and statements that have been made available to the public.