The History of Bluecoats 2013: A Paradigm-Shift in Drum Corps

The History of Bluecoats 2013:

The Bluecoats 2013 season marked a pivotal moment in the history of the Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps. Titled 'Out of the Blue,' the show pushed the boundaries of traditional drum corps performances and introduced a new level of artistry and innovation. In this article, we will explore the history of the Bluecoats 2013 season, delve into its timeline, address frequently asked questions, uncover interesting facts, and provide a conclusion on the significance and impact of this groundbreaking production.

FAQs about Bluecoats 2013:
Q: What was the concept behind the Bluecoats 2013 show?
A: The Bluecoats 2013 show, 'Out of the Blue,' embraced a concept of self-discovery and transformation. It aimed to challenge conventional drum corps norms and offer a more immersive and emotionally-driven performance.
Q: How did the Bluecoats 2013 show differ from traditional drum corps performances?
A: The Bluecoats 2013 show broke away from traditional drum corps conventions by incorporating non-traditional musical selections, unique visual concepts, and interactive staging that allowed the performers to engage directly with the audience.
Q: Did the Bluecoats 2013 show achieve success in competition?
A: Yes, the Bluecoats 2013 show 'Out of the Blue' achieved significant success in the competitive circuit. The show received high praise from judges and fans, earning the Bluecoats top placements and recognition for their artistic excellence.

The Bluecoats 2013 season, featuring their show 'Out of the Blue,' stands as a landmark moment in the history of the corps. With its innovative staging, unique musical selections, and emotionally-driven storytelling, the show redefined the possibilities of what a drum corps performance could be. The Bluecoats demonstrated their commitment to artistic excellence and their willingness to push the boundaries of the activity. The success of the Bluecoats 2013 season continues to inspire future generations of performers and designers to embrace change, challenge conventions, and strive for new levels of creativity and artistry. The Bluecoats 2013 show 'Out of the Blue' serves as a testament to the transformative power of music and the ability of drum corps to create meaningful and impactful experiences for both performers and audiences.

Timeline of Bluecoats 2013:
2013: The Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps unveiled their show, 'Out of the Blue,' for the competitive season. The show defied expectations and introduced a fresh approach to musical selections, visual design, and storytelling.
Interesting Facts about Bluecoats 2013:
The Bluecoats 2013 show 'Out of the Blue' featured an innovative staging concept that included an interactive bridge on the field. Performers crossed this bridge, breaking the fourth wall and establishing a direct connection with the audience.
The show's musical selections included pieces such as 'The Boxer' by Simon & Garfunkel, 'Zomby Woof' by Frank Zappa, and 'Hymn to a Blue Hour' by John Mackey. This diverse range of music added depth and variety to the performance.
The Bluecoats 2013 show captivated audiences with its dynamic visual design, intricate drill formations, and emotionally compelling storytelling. It challenged the drum corps community to embrace change and explore new possibilities.
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